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Auto Collision Cases

Pedestrian Run Over by Driver in Parking Lot (2023)

Plaintiff was seriously injured by Defendant who drove her vehicle into, and over Plaintiff. Civil lawsuit was filed and case settled for $140,000.


Rear-End Car Collision Injury (2023)

Client severely injured in rear-end car collision and required spinal surgery. $250,000 settlement for policy limits, MAXIMUM allowed.


Family Injured by Hit & Run Driver (2022)

Family of five injured in a hit amd run collision. Driver was never found. Case settled for policy limits of $50,000, MAXIMUM allowed.


Passengers Injured in Collision Caused by Driver (2021)

Driver of vehicle rear-ended another vehicle, causing injury to all three passengers, including a young mother and her child. Total recovered $117.095.01




Collision Caused by Courier Driver (2021)

Courier driver collided with Plaintiff, resulting in serious injury which ultimately required spinal surgery. A civil lawsuit was filed and Defendant agreed to pre-trial settlement of $385,000.00



Personal Injury Cases

C. C. v P. R. (2021)

Defendant injured Plaintiff with a rock, causing traumatic brain injury. Attorney for Plaintiff filed a timely lawsuit in order to avoid a statute of limitations issue and reached a settlement agreement for $120,000.


S. M. E. v L. O. F. (2021)

Civil lawsuit filed against defendant for injuries sustained from violent crime. Plaintiff obtained default order and judgement of $1,545,085.00.


Criminal Defense Cases

State v. Johnson (2022)

Measure 11 criminal jury trial wherein Defendant was facing multiple charges. Received a NOT GUILTY verdict on lead and most consequential charge, Burglary I.