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Comprehensive Personal Injury Representation


Yunus Muhammad PC is a leading law firm dedicated to serving the Portland community with exceptional legal representation in personal injury cases. Our experienced team is committed to advocating for the rights of those injured due to the negligence of others. We specialize in a wide range of personal injury sub-practices, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive legal support tailored to their specific needs.

Car Accidents

In the aftermath of a car accident, you face the daunting task of dealing with insurance companies and navigating the complexities of compensation claims. Our team brings precision and relentless advocacy to this process, ensuring that every aspect of your loss is accounted for and that you receive the maximum compensation possible. From consultation to settlement, we stand by you every step of the way.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often involve complex legal and regulatory issues, including commercial insurance policies and federal trucking regulations. Our firm is adept at navigating these complexities, ensuring that liability is accurately determined and that our clients are compensated for their significant losses. We understand the devastating impact these accidents can have on individuals and families and are committed to securing fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is a painful experience. At Yunus Muhammad PC, we provide compassionate legal support to families facing such losses. Our wrongful death advocacy focuses on holding the responsible parties accountable and seeking justice for your loved one. We strive to secure compensation that reflects the full value of your loss, including funeral expenses, lost future earnings, and the loss of companionship, offering some measure of solace during a difficult time.

Bicycle Accidents

Portland’s vibrant cycling community faces risks every day. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, Yunus Muhammad PC offers specialized legal assistance to help you recover damages for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our dedicated attorneys understand the unique challenges cyclists face and are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Defective Products

Consumers have the right to expect safe, reliable products. When defective products cause harm, Yunus Muhammad PC is prepared to take action against manufacturers and distributors. Our product liability lawyers have the expertise to build strong cases, proving negligence and securing compensation for the injuries and losses our clients have endured.

Dog Bites

Dog bite injuries can be severe, resulting in physical and emotional trauma. Yunus Muhammad PC represents Portland victims of dog bites, working to hold pet owners accountable and recover damages for medical treatments, psychological counseling, and other related expenses. Our compassionate approach ensures personalized legal care for each client.

Drunk Driving Incidents

Drunk driving accidents have devastating effects on victims and their families. Yunus Muhammad PC is committed to fighting for justice for those injured by impaired drivers in Portland. Our experienced legal team will pursue all avenues of compensation to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering.

Hit and Run Accidents

Victims of hit and run accidents often face uncertainty and frustration. Yunus Muhammad PC assists Portland residents in these challenging situations, investigating the incident, identifying the responsible parties, and seeking the compensation needed to move forward from the trauma.

Medical Malpractice

When medical professionals fail to provide adequate care, Yunus Muhammad PC steps in to protect the rights of Portland patients. Our medical malpractice attorneys have the skills and resources to challenge healthcare providers and institutions, aiming to secure fair compensation for the harm suffered.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on the roads. Yunus Muhammad PC offers expert legal representation for motorcycle accident victims in Portland, focusing on recovering damages for their extensive injuries and the impact on their lives.


Negligence can manifest in many forms, causing untold damage to unsuspecting individuals. Yunus Muhammad PC specializes in identifying and proving negligence in various scenarios, ensuring our Portland clients receive the justice and compensation they are entitled to.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians injured due to the negligence of others have a strong ally in Yunus Muhammad PC. Our legal team is adept at handling pedestrian accident cases in Portland, advocating for the rights of injured individuals and seeking maximum compensation for their losses.

Personal Injury

At the heart of our practice, personal injury law represents our commitment to helping those harmed by others’ actions or inactions. Yunus Muhammad PC provides comprehensive legal support for personal injury victims in Portland, ensuring they have the resources and representation needed to achieve a favorable outcome.

Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare accidents present unique legal challenges. Yunus Muhammad PC navigates the complexities of rideshare law in Portland, representing clients injured while using services like Uber and Lyft and fighting for their right to compensation.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, often resulting from negligence. Yunus Muhammad PC has a successful track record of helping Portland victims of slip and fall incidents hold property owners accountable and recover the damages they deserve.

Uninsured Motorists

Dealing with accidents involving uninsured motorists requires experienced legal guidance. Yunus Muhammad PC supports Portland victims in these situations, exploring all options to secure compensation for their injuries and financial losses.

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Tuffa Genemo
Tuffa Genemo
I’m so happy yunus to be my attorney in any cases he is the best honest respect l like it the customer service guy is respect full
Tanya Barba
Tanya Barba
My experience with Yunus and staff was exemplary. Yunus has a strong presence in the court room and will address your situation with confidence, clarity, integrity and a strong understanding of the law. Yunus and staff will present an organized outline of your case and keep you updated as they move through the process of a resolution. On a side note- I will tell you that Yunus does not mince words. He is 100% honest and transparent. His integrity is noble and he is simply put, “a very kind human”. Something we need to see more of these days. Thank you for all your support Yunus. I will use your law firm again should a need arise.
edwina wilson
edwina wilson
Very knowledgeable for my car accident case he settled with reasonable amount,
Brahim Bench
Brahim Bench
A very professional Attorney and all the team working for him , very helpful and good consulting person who advises his clients and l am one of them to their best result albhamdu lilah. I will refer his business to all my friends and family. Chapeau my brother . Salam to you all.
Abel Tedros
Abel Tedros
They are Helpful
Shayma Ahmad
Shayma Ahmad
Yunus Paisner and his team (Jawad, Umair..) assisted us with our Islamic Estate planning, we definitely recommend him to anyone who would like to setup a Trust or Will...and for sure we will consult with him first the next time we need an attorney! Very professional, knowledgeable and provided us solutions to our unique Trust matter! He was very patient and went above and beyond to work with my legal plan insurance (ARAG) to get the results we need, jazakum Allah Khayr.
Fuzail Ahmed
Fuzail Ahmed
Very good service.
Abraham Alshammari
Abraham Alshammari
We got into an accident not too long ago and we were overwhelmed with the paper work and procedures we had to do but the team at this law firm were very helpful and kind they helped us through the entire process and went above and beyond. We had to pay out of pocket for our injuries and they got us our settlement. I would recommend this law firm 10 times out of 10.

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