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Navigating the Criminal Justice System

Many people enjoy watching movies about police crime dramas. Thankfully, enjoying a show is about all the connection most of us will ever have to criminal law. But many people, or someone close to them, have experienced what it’s like to deal with the criminal justice system. In this post we’ll talk about some examples of where “normal law-abiding citizens” wind up having to deal with the confusing and scary part of the American legal system. Let’s consider the following scenarios.

“ I was texting while driving and…Oops”

If one of us driving along and looking at or touching our phone, this would be illegal in most states, but it may not be a crime. But what if this careless/dangerous behavior leads to one of us hitting another car or worse yet, a person? The situation would quickly get out of hand, and a person would be looking at having some type of Assault (or even homicide). Does the court system or prosecutor care that you didn’t intentionally hit someone? No, not at all. There are many crimes that are based on being “reckless” which basically means a person didn’t consider the harmful consequences of their actions.

My son was speeding and crashed into a fence

How many teenagers (especially boys) like driving the speed limit and looking left and right all the time? Not many, sadly. Inevitably, many of us will get that phone call from our child or even the police that our child has smashed into something. Unlike a speeding ticket, crashing into someone else’s property is generally a crime, and would be a misdemeanor if the damages are minor.

Asylum Seeker…but not really”

Let’s say that you are a person living in a lesser developed country and your family is well off. Still, you may get the idea to move to America because it’s the “land of opportunity.” Unfortunately, you don’t have any family members who can get you a visa and you can’t come as a student. Well, after a two-week journey involving illegal planes, fake passports, and illegally crossing the southern US border, you now want to seek asylum. But it turns out all your documents are fake too, and it looks like you’re not really in danger back home after all. Oh, and you cooperated with a known terrorist organization to get here.

These scenarios are more colorful examples where the criminal law can affect a person who either is careless, or has a plan gone very wrong. In any event, poor choices always come back to bite us. If that poor choice happens to be a crime, then the consequences can be very serious. All criminal cases involve going to court and dealing with highly trained government prosecutors. A person should NOT take a chance representing themselves, or going with an attorney whose reputation is anything but top notch.

Consider the following:

  1. Criminal law is complex, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for the best outcome.
  2. A criminal defense attorney’s job is to protect their client’s rights and ensure a fair trial.
  3. Criminal defense attorneys can provide valuable guidance and advice throughout the legal process.
  4. Criminal justice can be biased or unfair in some cases, but a good attorney will be sensitive to that and will work to ensure fair treatment.
  5. Act quickly if facing criminal charges to protect your legal rights and increase your chances of a positive outcome.

On that note, if your friend, neighbor, or family member might be dealing with something like the above – or worse – help them find a good criminal defense attorney.

This post is not legal advice but for informational purposes only; consult with a qualified attorney for advice about your situation. A signed contract is required to become a client of the firm.

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